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  • Bubble design allows maximum touchpoints, offering a superior therapy system and prevents bed sores for patients at risk of developing a pressure ulcer
  • The adjustable hangers-on pump makes it suitable for all hospital frames
  • Medical grade non-toxic bubble for easy cleaning and storage
  • Ultra-quiet air pump operation is maintenance-free
  • Interlocking bubble cells exchange air every 5 minutes
  • Variable pressure setting for added patient comfort
  • The pump can be mounted on the bed with a built-in bracket
  • The pad includes flaps that wrap around the mattress for better stability

Mattress Specification:

  • Material: PVC 3PLY
  • Does not contain latex
  • Thickness:0.3-0.4mm
  • Size:200CM*90CM*5CM( inflated)
  • Design bearing: 120kgs
  • Low Noise Pump Specification:
  • Size: 24*13*9cm
  • Weight:1.0kgs
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
  • Power:10W
  • Pressure range: 15-20kpa ( 115-150mmHg)
  • Air output:4.5-5.5L/minute
  • Cycle time: 10 minutes
  • Controlled by microcomputer
  • CE, ISO and NMRA approved


  • Product Code: MORC 104 L 304
  • Availability: In Stock