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  • Relieve your driving and working pressure.
  • Beads massages your back.
  • Mesh back lumbar support cushion pad.
  • Many bead can massage you back muscle for relaxing.
  • Attached by elastic bands with enable pefect adjustments.
  • Using high elastic steel wire frame, elasticity, keep in shape
  • Great for car seats, office chairs, or home and truck chairs
  • For your driver to remove fatigue, its mesh design, leak, cool
  • Mesh material improves excellent air circulation to keep you cool.
  • Made of unique mesh fabric that allows airflow for personal comfort.
  • Gently conforms to body contours for a uniform support for your lumbar vertebra, fit well match

 Color: Black

Material: Mesh Fabric


Package includes: 1 pc x Car Seat Massage Back Cushion Pad


  • Product Code: MORC 229 W 05
  • Availability: Out Of Stock