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  • Walker  With Wheel And Seat

Aluminum Foldable Walker with Seat and Wheel ( MORC 213 )

The walker is supported by the device, enabling the people who are elderly patients and other legs and feet that are not flexible or even lose the ability to walk to take care of themselves and walk out like normal people. Our walkers are mainly made of aluminium alloy, which is a triangular (front and left and right) metal frame and lightweight. They can protect the patients and some with casters. The walker can support the weight for standing or walking, and its support area is large.
Therefore, it features good stability.


1. The height can be adjustable, suitable for users of different heights

2. It can keep balance. Like elderly, non-central disorders of lower extremity weakness, lower extremity spasmodic protrusion, the centre of gravity movement imbalance and other obstacles. But it has little effect on the balance  disturbance of elderly patients with stroke and multiple cerebral infarctions

3. It can assist with walking. The walker is safer than the use of canes and axillary  sticks to support the body, so it is necessary to slow down when seeing people  using the walker in the community

4. It can also be used for rehabilitation training. Practical accessories are commonly used in working training and home rehabilitation training.

5. Patients who are weak or uncoordinated on the upper or lower extremities or  are affected by both upper and lower extremities, but can't be weighed through  the wrist or hand, should not use the walkers

Walker With Wheel And Seat

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